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What’s now? Maybe become a VR developer?


If you just finished high school, you probably wonder which professions could guarantee you stable employment and lots of profits in the future. Undoubtedly it is one connected with very hectic and continuously developing – IT, especially with VR development. VR developer could be employed at one of VR studios. There are many of them and one present on polish market is . VR developer having knowledge and up-to-date software and hardware is something more than just a programmer. Nowadays VR developer has the opportunity to create new reality, new worlds accessible through VR glasses.



VR developer is a part of the team responsible for creating, upgrading and boosting VR development strategies. VR developer works on software such as Unity Game Engine and Cardboard. However, VR 1164(100)market is very various and changes every day so it is hard to predict which programming environment will be useful in the near future. However, new software available on the market is always connected somehow with previous one, to make it accessible and to enable works on it all developers. So you don’t have to worry, that software you learned and knowledge you gained will be useless in a perspective of few years.



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